Meet Kate

kate-francis2With a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado Denver, Kate started her career quite fatefully at a Colorado winery. There, a passion for wine ignited, fueling her further study to become a Certified Executive Wine Sommelier through the International Wine & Spirits Guild. Professional opportunities in digital marketing have lead Kate to develop a masterful set of digital savvy skills in conjunction with her specialized knowledge of wine. Combining her expertise and passion between the digital world and the world of wine under one professional umbrella and purpose is a constant aim for Kate. For more information on Kate’s professional capabilities and experience please visit her resume page.

An affinity for delectable, unique cuisines and far-off foreign places propels Kate’s travels near home and abroad. She believes traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and gifts the most unforgettable moments. Her desire to seek and capture cultural experiences surrounding wine, food and travel, especially through the lens, lends itself to new periodic posts on her writing and photography page.

When at home in Denver, Colorado, you might find Kate practicing early morning yoga, enjoying a jog around Cheesman Park, hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter and experimenting year round in the kitchen with whatever flavors, flair and wines she’s imported from her latest travels.

Kate invites you to contact her through the form below or connect with her on LinkedIn if you are interested in more information on her work or connecting professionally.