May 8, 2016

Mezcal | Gem of Oaxaca, Mexico

“Its so good. It’s just so good.”  This is something that I was not expecting to say or feel about sipping straight mezcal. But powerful forces were at work. I found myself in colorful central Oaxaca,
March 10, 2015

Winter Renaissance in Breckenridge

There’s nothing more reviving than a winter holiday in the mountains. Oh to feel captive to a snowy abode built of logs in evening, and like a child on a nature’s playground during the day. It’s
Fondue Recipe for Apres Skiing
April 12, 2015

Essential Après-Ski Recipes | Vin Chaud and Fondue

My renditions of two French classics, both with wine as an essential ingredient bien sûr, Vin Chaud and Fondue, will cap-off any ski day to perfection. Give these simple recipes a go after a day of snow. Vin
September 16, 2013

Off the Beaten Wine Path

Bellet AOP, France A mere 15 minutes north west of a crowded August's Nice, take a narrow, windy road off the busy A8 autoroute and voilá; a surprising pocket of quality wine territory overlooking an
October 12, 2013

Protected By Vines | Cassis, France

Nestled into the coast, tucked behind the Provencal hills infamously painted by the likes of Cézanne and Van Gogh is the seaside town of Cassis. As if this quintessential French seaboard town could be
September 19, 2013

Picnic in the Hills of Gourdon

The tiny French village of Gourdon is nothing short of picturesque. Quite so, it is beyond what would be pictured if thinking of a small, ancient, perched village whose views span out over rugged, wild-herbed
September 19, 2013

Have Your Coffee & Drink It Too

It's mid-morning in Aix-en-Provence. Sunlight slips into the narrow, cobbled streets.  We wonder in search of an espresso. The espresso being  necessary to follow our breakfast of corner bakery pain
October 12, 2013

Jean’s Lobster Salad

Not as much of a salad as it is a feast. We enjoyed this beauty at neighbor Jean's while staying at “La Soleiade,” our friends’ house near Cabris, France.     Here is the rough
February 24, 2013

Maiden Voyage

My indulgence in these subjects began years ago, but can be pin-pointed to a very clear moment, an exact instance of utter believe in how I would continue to live my life from that moment on. Circa 2007,